Usually, we don’t post what technology we use for our art projects. We run the IMMERSIVIA at Santorini Biennale, THE FAKED in THE WRONG in Cagliari, 1Biennale in Leipzig, Amerika Art in Amerika and … TRYZUB.INK was supposed to run where?

Did you know that Namecheap, Inc., based in Phoenix, Arizona and has 11 million registered users and operates 10 million domains? Namecheap decided to run their world customer operations in Kharkiv and at a smaller satellite office in Lviv.

Over two years of operating Amerika World I got to know quite a few of the employees in Kharviv. There was no month passing where not an issue needs to be sorted out. It is quite a job to keep the servers running and fight against DOS Attacks, Domain name abuse or just the annually reinstallation of SSL certificates. I am hosting many domains and use a few providers so I can compare quality. That’s why I agree with Comparably, Inc., a performance analyst based in Santa Monica, CA that Namecheap is ranked number one in service quality. I have to thank the following persons for their outstanding service: Konstantin Bashxx, Daniel Bezb-xx, Bogdan Roga-xx, Andrey Krav-xx, Alyona Chava-xx, Olga Kosa-xx, Anastasia Golo-xx, Kate Ostr-xx, Andrey Zhiv-xx, Anna Mish-xx. I hope everyone will make it. [Names shortened by xx]

About the picture: Due to the pandemic we postponed the 2021 InterBiennale TRYZUB in Kyiw — to celebrate the 60 years of twinning between Leipzig and the capital city of Ukraine Kyiw … and created the virtual art show Amerika Art which has a worldwide mission: WE ARE GOING TO AMERIKA. [Amerika is a small village near Leipzig and the name Amerika stands in the German language also for the United States of America]

The meaning of [Dot] INK …

“As a top-level domain, .ink provides a unique, identifiable digital hub for the artistic, ritualistic and cultural medium of tattooing” [Namecheap]

“A .ink domain is perfect for individuals and organizations like: Bloggers; Visual artists; Novelists; Tattoo studios; Print shops; Graphic Designers …” [GoDaddy]

We decided to start a project where the spirit of THE GREAT NOMAD – PETER SEIBT – will be in focus. It will go by the name NOMADS.INK.