LEIPZIG SPINNEREI is one of the top places on earth for the arts. In 2020 The New York Times gave credit by calling Leipzig, the Cool-Kid Town. We started at SPINNEREI in 1993. It was an abandoned industrial area, we call now Lost Space or a PENNEY SPACE. We happily use the SPINNEREI complex and KINO LURU for in-situ art events.

After having successfully claimed the domain LEIPZIG.ART we hosted the Grand PRE Opening of the embassy THE FAKED at SPINNEREI LEIPZIG on November 9, 2019. It happened one hour before the official program at KINO LURU started. THE WRONG Router was tested …

Curator Kunst Blue [left] with artist Art Eames
Max [Beta tester], Herzstein [Developer], Müller [VISIT e.V.]

We have public events, presentations and tech talks — and also our annual meeting — at LEIPZIG SPINNEREI. Check out the Event Calendar. Usually, we meet at DIE VERSORGER.

Such tech talks focus on KUNSTINFORMATIK [art & informatics]. Let us show you two examples.

The domain spinnerei.de has a SSL certificate, sadly with a glitch.

SPINNEREI.DE [screenshot was taken January 12, 2020]

Tech talk about bringing an Avatar based world to VR Google Cardboard to avoid Global Extinction of the first immersive Digital Art Worlds.