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The EU Data protection act [GDPR] requires that a visitor has to be informed how a website is dealing with personal data. In fact, we do nothing with your data, because we don’t collect anything. We don’t use any analytics.

Want to know more about this theme?
I am monthly writing as a virtual identity by the name Art Blue and as real one as Ervare [which stands coded for Reiner] in rez Magazine. As Kunst Blue, which is my NSK identity I publish REZ SKY. From time to time I focus on data breaches, like the one that resulted in a Congress hearing on facebook. I created a website YOU MUST AGREE. There you find why the GDPR is a very bad thing and in fact reduces your rights. For this conclusion you need to dig deep, but who wants to listen to an artist and dig deep by using methods of Exact Thinking in Demented Times?

Our website address is: and has a valid certificate of authenticity. Google calls and marks it “safe” [SSL]. Shall we trust Google?

We use WordPress for managing the content. WordPress – the free edition – uses cookies. On cookies I wrote in rez Magazine and gave the readers proof of my deep thoughts by embedding an easy to follow video made by Google, called GOOD TO KNOW.

A must to watch: GOOD TO KNOW

This said WordPress will know what links you click if you use or go to the free edition, which we use on many projects, because is free and is financed by ADs. As a non-profit society we can’t afford to spend annually about 120 Euro on each project-domain to get a SSL certificate and an AD free WordPress instance.

This website does not use the AD driven WordPress, it uses Easy WordPress and has no analytics embedded, which I already said.

To ensure that everyone feels save we don’t support uploads of images which could have embedded location data (EXIF GPS). Also, we don’t encourage you to enter comments. By making a comment on a website your IP address would be stored. Sadly that’s needed to deal with mass SPAM. On the ART OF SPAM I wrote in The Sand Bible: “SPAM, SPAM, SPAM and add some BEANS.” The Sand Bible deals with the traces you leave in a digital world.


You may have to send us an email. [ info [at] ] — but we may not notice it, because on the SPAM filtering. You ask, “Shall I take a piece of paper and send a handwritten letter?” You can do this, just don’t WAIT and look beyond the center by creating an avatar and meet the Hypergrid Hoppers in Craft World. For this, you may need some blank pages to make some notes. Right here there is a chance to get an empty book of blank pages …

Meet us in person at Leipzig Spinnerei and show us what stunning ideas you put on paper. We host some of the world-leading projects in the arts, like THE WRONG Biennale embassy THE FAKED.

You can also contact us on facebook, [in various ways] but you know by now that then data is being collected and shared.

We don’t share your data. You have to agree first in writing [an email], signing a contract or handing over a notecard [in virtual worlds].

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