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NOT <br>

Kunst Dot wins. The competition for the poster for the Leipzig Art has been chosen. A 42-member international jury awarded the work NOT <BR> by the California-based artist Kunst Dot. The concept was adopted from THE WRONG, the largest art event in the world. Originally, the jury, Paul Rouney, whose gallery in Manhattan stands for a multitude of innovations, was to present the award-winning work in Leipzig, but the Corona travel restrictions put a block in the plan. Even Lana Newstrom, who became the shooting star of New Media Art due to her invisible art, could not leave her home in Hollywood. “It doesn’t help if you live at 16 Mullholland Drive and a neighbour of Ray Linden,” joked Reiner Schneeberger from the organizer of Leipzig Art, who himself is the curator of the Santorini Biennale for immersive digital art and knows real and virtual art worlds very well. Kunst Dot does not appear by herself. The work encompasses traces of the Biennale di Venezia and the Leipzig music artist Paul Kalkbrenner. The reason of her non-appearance might be in the title, “NOT <br>,” which for Schneeberger stand in both “Not Binary” and “No pair tag.” Kunst Dot appears on the Internet as Dot and philosophically adopts her website, stating, “I am Lorem. I am ipsum. I am dolor. I am Kunst. I am a dot in the universe. “

Not Binary begins to establish itself as a collective term for a non-binary gender identity. <BR> is a tag in the HTML language that does not require a counterpart (not paired). The tag produces a line break. The HTML standards consortium says, “<BR> is particularly suitable for writing down addresses and poems.” Kunst Dot has submitted a poem entitled, “Not Paired” to her work. “This makes it clear to everyone what “NOT <BR>” stands for,” said Schneeberger, laughing at the press conference.

If one examines the layers of the art work, which is transformative art, one finds elements of strong social impact. Transformative Art “is the use of artistic activities, such as story-telling, painting, and music-making, to precipitate constructive individual and social change.” (Wikipedia)

Once you have recognized the red-black coloured image of Paul Kalkbrenner, the track is laid and one will look for the person in the background of the picture. Is it a musician too? The assumption that it is an African American becomes obvious. In order to clarify, Schneeberger arranged an appointment with his avatar Art Blue with Kunst Dot, who is currently preparing an exhibition of her work on the Italian art space Craft-Grid to talk about the award-winning motif. Kunst Dot said it was indeed a musician and the motif can be found on the signature track of Westbam feat. She wanted to honor Lil Wayne’s last album, Funeral.

When asked about her name, Kunst Dot said that she had received it from the artist collective of the New Slovenian Kunst (NSK) in Ljubljana and that name will now be on her passport. She has become a passionate advocate for NSK, which at the opening of the Pavilion of the Republic of Slovenia at the Venice Biennale 2017, the philosopher Slavoj Žižek described as “the uniqueness of NSK is this idea of the ‘stateless state’.”

“NOT <BR>” Not Binary. Not binär. A life as Kunst.

An exhibition by Kunst Dot. Opening in August 2020. Free tickets via VISIT e.V.

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