The nomadic way is something that is scattering the world in many ways. It is devastating, but it is also a key element in human history. There is not the right time now to connect the upcoming conservation of Peter’s work to the actual situation, so let it just be known that something will happen …

Peter Seibt’s widow, Heidi Seibt, has sold the publishing rights for presenting Peter’s last works PAINTINGS FOR HOPE [2019-2021] in the Metaverse to Stiftung Kunstinformatik.

“Lieber Reiner
Der Betrag ist bereits eingegangen. Herzlichen Dank! auch für das nette Youtube video.
Gerade jetzt ist Kunst noch wichtiger denn je. 
Herzlich, Heidi”

PAINTINGS FOR HOPE will become the first collection in MOEX, the META OPEN EXCHANGE. Artists are invited to contact the curator Reiner Schneeberger to work out ways of a suited display. The collection consists of about 300 paintings.