1BIENNALE boomed from start on and became the leading art display for immersive art in Avatar based worlds. It was hosted in opensimulator.

The first 1Biennale happened in 2018. In case you don’t have a few hours to page in the catalog and to explore the works of over 40 contributing artists then take the fast track and watch the machinima TOUCHING REALITY, created by WizardOz Chrome.

The Grand Opening happened in Metropolis Grid inworld and in Santorini, Greece. Have a look at the book LIVING IN A CODED LAND that was published on blurb.


Avatarkunst, a term I did not really create by myself. Dr. Gerhard Dotzler told me, and it must have been about in the year 2008, that I do Avatarkunst. I used when I started working with avatars in the virtual world of Second Life the term “I in 3D.”