Dual SIM Technology

We develop and developed various technologies, all set on opensource so everyone can use it and hopefully prevent the idea from getting patented later. One is the dual-sim usage. You sit on one sim on a stick that has its root-prim on a different sim. This said, you can explore a change of the world you are sitting inside (on the stick that was rotated or moved over it).

We made this work in the Grand Opening of 1Biennale on a massive scale. The theory we presented at HIE

Hello Art

“Hello World” was the old phrase. The new one is, “HELLO ART” — this message comes from LEIPZIG.ART

LEIPZIG.ART is on the move to bring the art community together for the LEIPZIG BIENNALE. The first event happened in THE WRONG in LEIPZIG on November 9th, 2019 in an VR event by GESIS at SPINNEREI LEIPZIG.

Over 2,000 artists and 180 curators can’t be wrong, right?


The industry has claimed Art. Big players say, “We Must Be Disruptive.” Politicians are acting disruptively. By putting disruption on their agenda they have claimed Art. Time for RECLAIMING.ART. Time for the TRUMP MUSEUM. A museum with two entrances. One for the followers, one for the thumbs-down.



1BIENNALE boomed from start on and became the leading art display for immersive art in Avatar based worlds. It was hosted in opensimulator.

The first 1Biennale happened in 2018. In case you don’t have a few hours to page in the catalog and to explore the works of over 40 contributing artists then take the fast track and watch the machinima TOUCHING REALITY, created by WizardOz Chrome.

The Grand Opening happened in Metropolis Grid inworld and in Santorini, Greece. Have a look at the book LIVING IN A CODED LAND that was published on blurb.


Avatarkunst, a term I did not really create by myself. Dr. Gerhard Dotzler told me, and it must have been about in the year 2008, that I do Avatarkunst. I used when I started working with avatars in the virtual world of Second Life the term “I in 3D.”