LEIPZIG.ART is the visual plattform for MEDIA ACTIVISTS powered by LEIPZIG LAB — VISIT e.V. — working for EXTINCTION.GLOBAL —

Join the movement to SAVE THE EARTH … ON MARS.

When there are so many activities, one need to start in a funny way, right? Behind the funny ways there shall be depth. We are engineers, creators, teachers, visionaries. 

I said, SAVE THE EARTH, but that’s not what LEIPZIG.ART is able to do. LEIPZIG.ART saves THE ART ON EARTH by making art immersive and is RECLAIMING.ART in VR for everyone — by talks, seminars and events.

Read what B DOT BLUE tells us on THE BRAIN OF ART when 1Biennale has ended in 2019. There you get the facts and the vision.


Two members of our staff have been invited to give a keynote speech at the OPENSIMULATOR COMMUNITY CONFERENCE 2019 on December 14-15. That’s about quality in arts and technology, right?