We can say with all modesty that we are among the leading entities for educational work in Virtual worlds. One of our founding members is Cyberspace GmbH. Even the term CYBERSPACE is no longer the catch-phrase, you grab for sure the history behind when you check out the various information that is condensed in our blog.

LEIPZIG ART presenting VR@GESIS showing the first Google Cardboard application for THE FAKED in THE WRONG Biennale on November 9th, 2019 at SPINNEREI.

We have developed apps for Android and iphone which you can download and use them on Google Cardboard, on Daydream and Oculus. Google Cardboard is well suited for educational work. A good start into VR is to have a look at the book KATATONENKUNST or at the book LIVING IN A CODED WORLD and the corresponding machinima: THE FAKED and TOUCHING REALITY.