Usually, the Metaverse is something virtual, right? But there shall be exemptions. AMERIKA is such an exemption. AMERIKA.ART is virtual and exists under his name in real. UKRAINE is real, but does it exist also in the META? There are right now so many activities in the META about the war that we created and uploaded a RAW file of the borders of the State of Ukraine. This land will be used to place the current activities there. One is Tryzub.Ink – This project is not connected to AMERIKA ART. It is part of LEIPZIG.ART and DEFINE.ART

What does the Ukrainian Tryzub symbolize?

The Tryzub is heavily used in military heraldry to commemorate the participation on the Eastern Front during World War II. At least 36 units of the Italian Army carry the Tryzub in their Coat of Arms, as they were awarded a Medal for Military Valor during their service on the territory of Ukraine.


Visualization by Astronomical Institute of the Charles University: Josef Ďurech, Vojtěch Sidorin

They have taken all from us

I stand in the Meta, my feet on the land of Ukraine and say to the alien, “They have taken all from us.”

The alien points to the stars and says, “Not all. 1709 Ukraina will stay and hold.” I did not understand the alien and of course the alien noticed my struggle and said, “Humans don’t deserve planet Earth. I am kind to you as you are a victim and so you may live on 1709 Ukraina.”

After a pause, while I was thinking on what the alien meant, the alien added, “The servers will stay and hold in the asteroid belt.

I wish you an endless life.”

The alien entered some numbers in the time travel machine and was gone.


The nomadic way is something that is scattering the world in many ways. It is devastating, but it is also a key element in human history. There is not the right time now to connect the upcoming conservation of Peter’s work to the actual situation, so let it just be known that something will happen …

Peter Seibt’s widow, Heidi Seibt, has sold the publishing rights for presenting Peter’s last works PAINTINGS FOR HOPE [2019-2021] in the Metaverse to Stiftung Kunstinformatik.

“Lieber Reiner
Der Betrag ist bereits eingegangen. Herzlichen Dank! auch für das nette Youtube video.
Gerade jetzt ist Kunst noch wichtiger denn je. 
Herzlich, Heidi”

PAINTINGS FOR HOPE will become the first collection in MOEX, the META OPEN EXCHANGE. Artists are invited to contact the curator Reiner Schneeberger to work out ways of a suited display. The collection consists of about 300 paintings.


Usually, we don’t post what technology we use for our art projects. We run the IMMERSIVIA at Santorini Biennale, THE FAKED in THE WRONG in Cagliari, 1Biennale in Leipzig, Amerika Art in Amerika and … TRYZUB.INK was supposed to run where?

Did you know that Namecheap, Inc., based in Phoenix, Arizona and has 11 million registered users and operates 10 million domains? Namecheap decided to run their world customer operations in Kharkiv and at a smaller satellite office in Lviv.

Over two years of operating Amerika World I got to know quite a few of the employees in Kharviv. There was no month passing where not an issue needs to be sorted out. It is quite a job to keep the servers running and fight against DOS Attacks, Domain name abuse or just the annually reinstallation of SSL certificates. I am hosting many domains and use a few providers so I can compare quality. That’s why I agree with Comparably, Inc., a performance analyst based in Santa Monica, CA that Namecheap is ranked number one in service quality. I have to thank the following persons for their outstanding service: Konstantin Bashxx, Daniel Bezb-xx, Bogdan Roga-xx, Andrey Krav-xx, Alyona Chava-xx, Olga Kosa-xx, Anastasia Golo-xx, Kate Ostr-xx, Andrey Zhiv-xx, Anna Mish-xx. I hope everyone will make it. [Names shortened by xx]

About the picture: Due to the pandemic we postponed the 2021 InterBiennale TRYZUB in Kyiw — to celebrate the 60 years of twinning between Leipzig and the capital city of Ukraine Kyiw … and created the virtual art show Amerika Art which has a worldwide mission: WE ARE GOING TO AMERIKA. [Amerika is a small village near Leipzig and the name Amerika stands in the German language also for the United States of America]

The meaning of [Dot] INK …

“As a top-level domain, .ink provides a unique, identifiable digital hub for the artistic, ritualistic and cultural medium of tattooing” [Namecheap]

“A .ink domain is perfect for individuals and organizations like: Bloggers; Visual artists; Novelists; Tattoo studios; Print shops; Graphic Designers …” [GoDaddy]

We decided to start a project where the spirit of THE GREAT NOMAD – PETER SEIBT – will be in focus. It will go by the name NOMADS.INK.


[ AMERIKA.WORLD will become the server for the AMERIKA.ART, because the event is more than an art happening — AMERIKA is connecting worlds. ]

NERUVAL, the owl, has sent to rez Magazine a short story A SMALL STEP FOR (A) MAN that predicts the outcome of THE ELECTION. … but first, a picture of the Superspreader, so you get the tunes for it.


I am in the news. My name got viral. I am viral, viral, viral, like Picasso. I made it to every talk show. I hold the German version of the Picasso collection of Museum Ludwig in hand, a book with the title “Ich und ich und ich” which stands in German for I and I and I. My bio is being presented. A faked one, what else. My agent gets calls from everywhere. I am the first participant in the upcoming Global Biennale, the name of it AMERIKA.ART. I proudly hold the domain which stands for Picasso. I out myself as the Superspreader who wasn’t one. I am living in an immersive world. I create my own reality: “I and I and I.”

If one asks me how I came to the number 26 that I have printed proudly on my shirt, yeah, boom … I bring my story in and say, that I am between a square (52 + 1) and a cube (33 − 1) and that I have 26 faces like a Rhombicuboctahedron. That’s truly an artistic way to say that I am one of a kind, that I well deserve to be part in AMERIKA.ART and point to Wikipedia to push away any remaining doubts.

Do you know that Amerika is a tiny village in Saxony, a state competing in performance with Bavaria? Maybe the Minister-President of Saxony will do the opening speech and laying the foundation stone for the server. The American Ambassador visited Amerika already, so I am quite sure that Michael Kretschmer, the Head of State, will not want to miss it. It is election time, you know.


Only 30 seconds more and we are done. You know 30 seconds to Mars? You may know the group but you might not know how the group came to its name. You will seek in Wikipedia, right? Imagine a time when everyone looking in Wikipedia will find a different version, depending on age, religion, status and so on. You wonder on “30 seconds to Mars?” Why shall this page come different for different mindsets? I can ensure you, this page is not affected, but when you Google for Postal Voting the result change by the place you are living in and on what postings you gave a “Like” to on facebook. This reality is already happening. In case you want to know more, watch the documentary I have for you.

The documentary is called, The Social Dilemma and it is on Netflix. Check it out. It is worth 90 minutes of your time. Then vote. Here is the trailer on YouTube.


[ PUBLISHED ALSO IN GERMAN … ] When I say: “I’m a hairdresser,” I usually get to hear: “Who calls themselves that anymore? And after a pause: “Who goes to a barbershop anymore?” Well, I am one of them. I take a pair of scissors and finish the hair. Hair must be cut. Well, that doesn’t apply anymore. Once a prim, which is what a single hair is called in the technical terminology, has been set to length, width and height, all you need to do is turn and position it to give the hair its place.

There is no hair loss. Once set, it will remain in place as soon as the glue is applied. This is called linking, not gluing. Well, the shape still has to come, otherwise the whole thing remains a tousle-head. This is where the deform function comes in. That makes me a stylist. I am not the only one who sculpts hair. Sculpting is also a word from the stylist language, which stands for trimming and trimmed objects. Not everyone can afford sculpted prims, you have to fork out much money. Well, I can do more. There are different words for my profession. Hair Maestro, toupee builder, but also simple terms can be found. Haircutter, barber, tailor, shaper are just a few. I call myself a haircoder.

I have perfected the art of haircutting. I can put wind on any prim and create local wind. Each prim shaped as tube, cone, torus, twisted and pulled, and each sculpted prim, each hair, in haircutter language called primitive, gets its own push. And when it goes outside, where the wind is really blowing, I have the code swarm for alignment. Then the primitives form themselves into identities. Then the world looks at me, at what I have made out of the hair. Well, for some, it’s probably too late to put new ones in. The “Reaching Maximum-Link Limit” display is the ultimate MCA for every hair designer. Well, not for me. My mission is then to color, twist, fan, pull – just do whatever illusion you can get out of it.

Neo Scherengeber, Haircutter of the White House. That’s on my business card as of today, the trendy version in English for my international approach. From this you can see that I have to be really good at what I do. I have signed a non-disclosure agreement, a declaration of secrecy. This is against my code of honor, but wouldn’t you do everything for the White House? I insisted that it be limited in time until after the election, because I want to patent the haircut I developed. To be in the middle of the wind, to stand by your hair during the election campaign, but also to have everything in shape again with just one click, shows competence, is social-media of its finest, and is real unconventional thinking. To have everything in your hair can only be done by someone who has everything under control, me the scissor giver, the hair clipper. The modern form of hair art is political and queer. To prevent the hair code from becoming a hairstorm as a plagiarism and I have to hand in my scissors, I have declared it art and will submit it as a contribution to AMERIKA.ART. Let’s see if the calculation works out and everybody wants to have such a toupee?

Neo Scherengeber. Of course, that’s not my real name, I don’t care about that. I am a code crispr, I am an anagram. For me, cutting hair is just the beginning.


I stand in the middle of the coal excavation site in AMERIKA and shout, “IM NAMEN DER KOHLE” and the Annuntiator translates like in old Rome, “In the Name of Coal.” For a moment my heart stands still. I think “What hell of a glitch.” I speak in German, “Es ist Amerika.” [more in English …]

Ich stehe in AMERIKA in Mitten der Kohle und rufe, „Im Namen der Kohle“ und der Annuntiator ruft, „In the Name of Coal.“ Für einen Moment steht mein Herz still. Ich denke, „What hell of a glitch“ aber ich spreche in Deutsch, „Es ist Amerika. Dort bin ich Zuhause. Ich bewerbe die AMERIKA.ART und da geht es um Kohle, um Geld und Kohleausstieg. Es geht auch um Traffic, um den letzten Bus nach Amerika, aber “Traffic” ist ein Englisches Wort für Internet-Nutzung, für die Anbindung an einen Server mit dem Kohle gemacht wird. Im Amerikanischen gibt es kein Wort mit dieser Doppeldeutigkeit. Nun Amerika.Art ist ein Kunstevent und so ein glitch, so ein Ausrutscher einer Machine gehört eben dazu wenn es um Immersionskunst geht. „In the Name of Bucks. Does it sound better?“ frägt mich nun der Annuntiator. Bucks steht für Kohle und Hasen. Nun das passt schon besser. „Zuwenig Spirit,“ ist meine Anword. „In the Name of Amerkia!“ Nun das passt doch. Da ist alles drin News und Fake News, Geld, Kohle, Hasen und Hirsche. Und ein Typo, ein Tippfehler, Amerkia statt Amerika, das macht das Ganze zur Granz Großen Kunst — Präsident Trump hat das vorgemacht mit COVFEFE. Ein Typo und die Welt spielte verrückt. Nun es war nicht der erste, also wurde COVFEFE kurzerhand zu Kunst. Die kommerzielle Version des Versprechers, die domain wurde übrigens mehrfach verkauft. Spitzenpreis 80.000 Dollar, nun ist sie für 15.000 Dollar erneut zu haben. War wohl nichts mit dem Spekulieren. Immer weiter, höher, schneller. Bei Kunst ist man da schon besser dran. Zur Covfefe.Art fanden sich schließlich ein paar tausend Besucher ein und manche Künstler machten echt Kohle.

Kohle bedeutet Immersion, Inklusion, steht für Aufbruch, Abbruch und für Geld, viel Geld.

Nun hoffen die Amerikaner dass etwas von dem Geld nach Amerika fließt, denn der letzte Bus nach Amerika fuhr am 31. Juli 2020. Wir haben Hiltraud Furkmann eingeladen Amerika zu besuchen, das andere Amerika, das wozu man einen Avatar braucht. Dann kann Sie dort auch wieder einkaufen, nicht mit Euro sondern mit Gloebit – aber was ein echter Amerikaner ist, der kann mit Veränderungen umgehen, nicht wahr?

Über Amerika.Art

Die AMERIKA.ART ist das Resultat von über 5.000 Meldungen zu „I SEE YOU IN AMERKIA.“ AMERIKA ART ist die Interbiennale für Immersionskunst aus Sachsen die weltweit stattfindet. Ein Kunstprojekt der LEIPZIG.ART

Letzer Bus nach AMERIKA


AMERIKA.ART happens in AMERIKA. Historically the name AMERIKA comes from “crossing the river.” The art show, which has a teaching component in it “HOW TO CREATE IMMERSIVE ART”, is planned for 2022.

There is more to read about the idea at AMERIKA.ICU — And monthly in rez Magazine, the leading paper for Immersive Worlds.

Want to read one of the upcoming stories? Here it comes: THE HAIR CLIPPER.